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Use the power of your subconscious mind along with unique, holistic tools to gain clarity, awareness, and confidence to align yourself with the life you truly want to live. Learn to navigate 3 simple yet effective steps to jumpstart your energy and drive in order to move forward and position yourself with your ideal life.


Did you know that around 90% of thoughts are unconscious, and for most people, the majority of them are negative? Learn and experience how to let go and break free from past emotional pain and feel more present in life in as short as 2 weeks. Enjoy living in the moment while finding the mental clarity to achieve your goals. 


Join our exclusive, 6-week online-live hybrid program to feel fully supported in your journey to shed undesired emotions relating to your relationships, health, finances and career, and more. Overcome the baggage holding you back from achieving the emotional health you desire to embrace a more balanced version of yourself.

Your Guides

Julie Tunador & Earl Weiss

Certified Hypnotherapists | Goofballs

Julie and Earl are certified hypnotherapists with years of experience in clinical settings, as well as a lifetime of experience not taking life too seriously. They have both worked with thousands of clients helping promote positive change and self improvement, especially regarding health, relationships, and emotional intelligence.

Julie and Earl will hold your hand throughout the entire process as needed so that you take back control and become the architect of your best life!


Our students

+ Hundreds of students around the world!

"Just wow. I never thought a short course would be all it takes to find my motivation again, but I'm eternally grateful to MindYouphoria for inspiring me to open a new chapter in my life and now I'm excited to say I have found a new job that I finally love. Thanks Earl and Julie."

Brendan, South Portland, ME

"The best part about joining the Mindyouphoria community was feeling like I finally have the support system that I have been lacking. I feel excited every time I open up the community page or watch a video because I know I will be learning something valuable."

Connie, San Francisco, CA

Earl and Julie know how to make you smile and feel inspired! I have dealt with loneliness throughout my life but life has felt significantly less lonely since this program came into my life because I am finally learning to love myself and not feel so alone. I never thought I would be able to say that for the longest. Thank you Earl and Julie! Finally! Take one of their courses you won't regret it! I couldn't think be happier looking back at my experience and how much I have grown because of Mindyouphoria encouraging me to finally make these changes. Thank you.

Leah, Los Angeles, CA

Let me begin by saying MindYouphoria is nothing like those big name, high ticket self improvement courses you've probably heard of. They are run by such humble, eager to help people and let me say: They have so much to give. I am guilty of paying big bucks for programs but MindYouphoria's Emotions Released is top notch compared to anything I have ever done. I let go of so much anger that I have been trying so hard to let go of but was never able to. 5 months later, I'm very glad I joined this community and recommend it to anyone.

Jacinda, Anaheim, CA

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